What do I even call this

Date: 4/17/2017

By Kraftinq

AlrIGHT SO the road outside the school, both sides, had now become a god damn river. It didn't flood, it was just like that? And so anyway, in PE we had a summer PE class that was sailing, but it wasn't in sail boats it was in rafts. It was almost white water rafting, but it wasn't rapid enough. So anyways, me and Gwen fell off of them because we're twats and the lifeguard had to collect us, and because it was the end of the lesson, they just brought us back to the school like David hasselhoff in the spongebob movie. But here comes the nightmare part - when we got back to school we expected everyone else to be in the changing rooms and be like wtf why are you not changed but no one was there, and they didn't come back for the whole school day. (Side note- my girlfriend is in my PE class, but it's not Gwen, so obviously she was missing). That was the scary part, my girlfriend had gone missing, and because it was almost white water rafting, she might have even been dead. They didn't end up coming back. I also ended up going to Maria (year 11's) house for some reason. I think it's because they were looking for the missing voyagers too. Her boyfriend, who irl isn't called Luke, but was called Luke in this, had this disorder against swearing? And whenever I swore, which I do a lot, she would be like uh no don't do that. Oh they were also taller than me, even thought I'm taller than both of them.