Sorry, Can't Save The Future Tonight

Date: 3/9/2017

By kodokushoujo

A future dimension summoned my cousin Farron and I into an all white room. I believe we were being tested for a new program installed there in that dimension but using the past "me" and "her" as test dummies. We held hands to hold on to the consciousness link between us but the tension was too strong and I lost her, making me alone in this testing facility. At the end of the drills, my cousin is pretty worn out so I hold her up with my arm. We link our consciousness back up and I thank the people that constructed this for the experience. We leave yet somehow the transportation system or time machine glitches out and we end up in their dimension. We start off at a park with a medium sized fountain in the middle and a brick barrier surrounding the outskirts of the park. Behind the barrier are the Shinobi's from the leaf village (Naruto) sitting at a round table. One of the guards of the meeting notices me and shoots at me but I kill him first. My cousin still fatigue from the drill looks like she can't handle the time space. I get objectives on my screen (guessing we are smart humans) telling me to kill the men in power in this dimension and I'm stuck between obliging and disobeying. Long dream short.. I end up telling the dream me to return back to reality because I dont like how things are headed so here I am.