Dreaming About My Mother

Date: 4/5/2017

By flayedheart

I was with a friend when I saw my mother across the street welding outside a repairs store. I tried to be unnoticed but eventually she realised it was me. I was happy to see her anyway. Keep in mind my mother died about 8 months ago. She came over and started talking to me and I ditched my friend. It gets really weird after this point. I was hanging out with her that night and we decided that she needed a new body, but her body looked fine. Another woman died that day from an industrial accident and had fried her face, but her body was perfect for my mother. We were at the morgue. A girl I know was following us but we got away with the body undetected. I told my mother we had to be more careful but she said only I could see her because she was dead, and that meant the entire day. I got upset and asked if any of it was happening and she said it was "in my head" as if that made it very real. I asked if that meant she was even there, and how, but she said she was and had come through a portal, and that now she just needed a physical body. This was a bit intense so I woke up and was quite upset.