Air Magic and Saving the World

Date: 6/28/2017

By icarus

in the beginning, I got married to a Night Nymph, but as we were getting married, I fell backwards into a hole and fell into a world that was completely covered in snow. it was a city and I was in the middle of a battle, there were three other people. one was controlling fire, the other was water, and the last was Earth. so power of elimination I figured I controlled air. I used the wand that was in my hand to fly and stay out of the way so I can get s better grasp on what was going on. I got hit by a rock from the Earth Bender and flew off and ended up landing on another person. and I was knocked out. I woke up tied up and sitting around fire with the rest of them. they interrogated me and I told them the truth, apparently the same thing happened to them and told me what was going on. there were three groups of people, two were in cahoots while the other was trying to distroy everything. one group was made up of air, fire, Earth, and water while the other was made up of spring, summer, and fall. the people were the personification of the seasons and the elements. the personification of winter is the person who is controlling everything and that was why there was snow all over the city. the group that I fell into were spring, fall and summer, this group had a winter in it. we traveled outside the city to get away from the people who were trying to get rid of us and we ran into them. we fought them off but I mostly stayed up in the air kicking heads and throwing things because I can't fight to save my life. once we finished the fight I realized that we had been fighting off the police force. once we were outside the city, we ran into another group of spring, summer, and fall. apparently they picked up an air controller along the way too but he ran off. as we were fighting off the other seasons, that were elaborate in there dress, I swooped down and grabbed springs headdress and pretended to be her and mocked her, the headdress was weighing me down so I was getting within reach of them so I took it off and saw that there was a human skeleton inside of it. I dropped the headdress and someone came swooping down and kidnapped me in the heat if battle. I tried to scream but their hand covered my mouth and their other arm wrapped around my waist to hold me up and keep my arms together so I couldn't hit them. we got to a cave and he dropped me and I saw that he had these huge white wings on his back and I freaked out. so I tried crawling backwards but I was just met with a cliff. but he kept closing in on me and he told me that I was just like him. he said "I can give you wings too, but we have to get close" he picked me up and I said "emotionally or physically?" then he dropped me to my knees closer to the inside of the cane and started to unbuckle his pants and I got watched him hungrily and licked my lips. he noticed my actions started calling me a "little whore, hungry for his cock" so I gave him a blowjob and I felt this awful pain in my back. he smiled maliciously and flew us over to a nearby, abandoned castle where we fucked for a few hours but I was in terrible pain the entire time but he seemed to enjoy watching me in pain. once we finished, I fell asleep and woke up with a pair of wings. then I woke up