Aliens vs humans

Date: 4/21/2017

By Torchwood001

I remember having part of this dream before a long time ago. In my dream I was in some kind of museum/ amusement park that was based on what's in your head. Basically it reads your mind. Any way as were going through, something didn't seem right. Something must have gone wrong. The staff didn't look right. One of them runs towards a restricted door and before the door closes I slip through. I find that they weren't really people but some kind of alien creature. They were doing weird experiments on the guests in that room. Some people were missing the top of their skull. I'm not sure how it happened but I left that room and exposed it to everyone in the park. The staff faces changed and they had their sharp teeth out and hissed at everyone and attacked. People were trying to escape and a few of us were trying to kill the aliens. We all ended up in a room that looked like a stadium. The aliens retreated but stayed in the room. They brought in a giant alien creature that looked like a mixture of an elephant and one of those lizards with frills around its head. Somehow we got explosives and we're able to shoot them towards the ceiling of the place and it collapsed on the beast and many of the alien staff. That's where the dream ended