Long dream

Date: 4/17/2017

By Marvin10

This was one of the most detailed dreams I have had. I am in an unknown house, it is huge like a boarding house. These may not be the correct order of events. Part 1. I remember going into a shared sleeping area and trying to find myself a bed. There are a couple of people in the room lying in beds. One sticks his head out from under the covers and I think he is a younger brother of a guy I went to school with (Anthony Dyer). We have a short conversation. Part 2. Same place but now I am walking through a living area. A number of people are watching tv and are complaining that the reception is terrible. They flick through the channels 7, 9, 10. I remember that the screen is pixelated at times and I said. "Chanel 10 is always the worst". I go outside with an old friend (Mark Hancock?) and we look up on the roof of the house to check the antenna. The roof is covered in stuff. It's almost like another room with furniture and plants and stuff I cant remember. Can't recall seeing an antenna. Part 3. Same location except this time I am looking for a more private room to sleep in. I go right to the back of the building and find a smaller sleeping area. I remember pulling out a draw that was the size of a bed and it is a bed made up with pillows etc. it's messy and I feel around in there and feel a persons leg. He stirs and I see his face. It is bloodied and he seems like a vagrant. I leave the room and remember that the walls were right up against my shoulders at this point. Somehow the room had got skinnier. (This should have been a trigger for me to do a reality check 😡) . I go to tell somebody (I think it was Hank again). For some reason we don't do anything or tell anyone about it. Part 4. Same location but now I am right at the front of the building and it is like a chapel. There is a person/preacher pumping the crowd up and I see them and think they are crazy with their singing and dancing.