Alien dream

Date: 8/11/2017

By michaelakenzie

The whole dream took place over a couple days and the whole time it was dark like night. Basically there was an Alien "invasion" but this wasn't the first time this has happened. The aliens don't abduct people but they stab you in the top of the head to get information about humans. It doesn't really hurt and you will survive it. But the whole dream was me and some of my real life friends and some strangers hiding out in an old house in the desert trying to escape what I happing. When you get invaded your eye become red as if they are super blood shot and your teeth/gums turn black as if you ate a cupcake with black icing that stains your teeth/gums- that doesn't last long a couple days maybe and then you slowly get better, you don't really feel sick but you do feel sort of weird. At the end of my dream it was me looking at myself in an old mirror and seeing that I had in fact been abducted and noticing my red eyes and black teeth but I felt okay about what had happened knowing that I will get better.