Date: 1/29/2017

By ace200

There was this River Phoenix convention I was at with other girls and some of them I knew. Genna was there, Caitlyn, and Sarah. Of course, River was there too. Apparently we all signed up to be there and only a few got picked. He had just done the movie Running on Empty and was like answering our questions and stuff. Some weird stuff started happening. We were in a pool and the people running the conventions were dressed as pirates. We had to swim laps and I remember going too early and getting in trouble. All these dolphins and sharks appeared and scared the shit out of me. We then had to balance on this dark ship and I almost fell because it was pretty hard. Genna told me she felt the ship move when I slipped on the beam. All the while River sat and watched on his phone, pretty bored. At the end, we were allowed to leave cards with questions, in case we didn't want to ask them out loud. I ran to get one and asked for some kind of lesson or something I could remember for the rest of my days. I don't know what the response was, but I remember turning it in and seeing Collin. Also, Emily H showed up and she said, "That was really cool." And I said, "Yeah. It's like the time we met Leonardo DiCaprio," even though I had no memory of that. I remember talking to this Indian girl and she asked me to see a movie and I said sure. Then people were saying I was only going because she didn't have any friends, but I truly thought she was nice. I also remember a scene where there was this long pier high up and Caitlyn went to the end of it and I ran after her. It was a long way down and pretty scary.