Uh kinda lesbian-ish school theme?

Date: 7/5/2019

By ItsABlackCat

I was in school and I was being forced by a teacher to try out for some writing / acting thing, I was p exasperated but I looked overall p cool bc I was the best there and I was wearing cool styled clothing, making jokes, etc- like I was way cooler than my normal awkward self usually is. I was acting almost like a popular girl, or maybe a popular guy. Anyways the teachers led everyone participating outside and we did the thing, on the way back in we went through this room where I saw this girl that I used to be friends with in elementary school. Her name was Madison (she was into FNAF and soccer that’s all I remember). Anyways she kinda like made eye contact and smiles and said hey, and I stopped to talk, letting the rest of the kids get ahead of me. She was making like environmentally friendly paper from hemp or something as a project so that’s why she was in the basement area that we were in. We kinda talked but it was a lil obvious that she was trying to flirt with me. I said something like ‘I haven’t seen you in forever!’ and then we talked, I asked if she was still into soccer; the usual kind of talk, nothing TOO flirty. But then a teacher called me to hurry up so I said something like ‘we’ll see you around!’ and she said ‘I’ll be in the library a lot bc of my paper project, so maybe I’ll see you there’ and that was basically the start. From there I started to go to the library to get more books rather than getting them from the bookstore so I could run into her. We talked more and more often and soon we were p close again. Then one day she wasn’t at the library and there was a note in the desk that she usually sat in, that said ‘I won’t be in the library that much anymore since my project is done and I have soccer practice. But we can still talk, right?’ And then I wrote back like ‘yeah’ or something. Then we started communicating thru the note. Soon the entire paper was filled with our conversations, she would come in the morning for class and write something/respond and I’d come at the end of the day and respond, and so on. The note made both of us smile when we read it. Then one day she wrote, ‘hey, come meet me in the library after school hours. I’ll be there at 7:00 PM exactly.’ I didn’t know what it was about but I stood in a stall in the bathroom and waited until 7:00, and then went to the library. She was there. Long story short we kissed, it was very romantic. I woke up before anything else happened.