Twins and zombies

Date: 7/18/2017

By MsBananaNanner

My mom was having twins and I had to help deliver them. And then one could talk and it was super creepy. I kept taking the one baby with me everywhere, thought I kept forgetting it places. It was very stressful. Then I found out that I was pregnant too, although I have no idea who the dad was or if I was married, but regardless no one thought it was weird. Later, we're out in the woods. I'm with a bunch of people that I apparently knew. I've got the twins with me and we're finding this guy that lives out there. (Bash from Reign) We all end up by this lake, but if you go in you basically turn into a zombie and try to kill everyone. And one by one people just start walking into it. I kept calling out to them but it was like they couldn't fight it. When they come out, they are essentially zombies but don't look dead. The guy who'd been living in the woods is there, holding one of the twins. We're pretty much the only non zombies left. He starts being drawn to the water, but I scream at him and pull him back by his arm. We start booking it out of there, and eventually he snaps out of it. We end up at a hospital, and we figure they'll be able to keep out the zombies. We think we're safe, but then we hear the zombies banging on the door, starting to get in. We're pissed at the doctors for not believing us when we said there were zombies chasing us. There are all these zombie kids running at me, and I'm trying to fend them off with my coat. If they touch you, you'll get turned. This little black kid just won't leave me alone, so I'm trying to fight him off with a backpack. A doctor rushes in asking what I'm doing to this poor innocent child. I get a really good headshot, and the kid falls over, whacking his head on a metal chair. There's a huge gash in his head. I feel a bit bad for attacking him, but then he stands back up and comes at me again. I repeatedly hit him with the bag, and his head is getting busted up but he won't die. The doctor finally realizes that we weren't kidding, and he sees the other people in the hospital getting turned. Somehow we lure the zombies into an isolation room and the doctor locks them in. Me and the guy from the woods take the twins and run into this other room. We lock the doors and fortify everything with furniture and whatnot. But then like the whole wall and doors were curtains and it was nightmarish. We know the zombies will be out soon so we have no choice but to stay. We cram into a little closet with like a water heater and random supplies and stay as quiet as possible. We hear the zombies break out into the rest of the hospital again. We hold our breaths, hoping they won't come in the room because we have literally nowhere else to go. They come into the room, and we are sure we're going to die. Then one of them finds a bowl of dog food. All the zombies crowd around it. We realize they are just hungry, not necessarily there for us. We take it as our opportunity to sprint past them while they're preoccupied. We manage to find a car/military jeep and peal away. We are flying down the highway, just trying to get away, and out of nowhere this militaryish truck comes at us, and is shooting. We see that it is manned by zombies. I look down and see that my partner has been shot in the leg--and he's the one driving. A bridge is coming up ahead, so we speed towards it, hoping we can cross before it folds up for ships crossing underneath. We narrowly make it, and a huge crane picks us up to put us on the other side. Somehow I wind up on the crane, while my partner is down in the car with the twins. I'm just hanging there, and a zombie is there too. I kick her repeatedly trying to get her to fall, as she is just dangling with a rope. She was saying something to me, but I don't remember what it was. Something about how she wasn't afraid to die but that we'll never escape. The dream ended with me kicking her into the water.