Date: 7/26/2019

By Raziey

I joined in a camp, Beypore sultan is the tutor of the camp he leads us one day we started a journey in the search of dajjal, we get into the car reached somewhere else no humans, large bushes, he told us to search dajjal on that bushes we are about 30 students we searched all over the bushes for a while, after sometimes something happened the beypore sultan was washing his mouth and told us get in the car ( my imaginary dajjal white face teeth like shark large bulky eyes a weird looking human) but his talking was very friendly he said about his metallic rope holding him he said the length of the matallic rope is increasing day by day ( these were the words of beypore sultan) But we decided to call the police I know that it's foolish idea We return to camp and decided to go again into that place we setup a journey me and beypore sultan only we reached there. Waked up😬