Redneck Nazi Farm

Date: 6/29/2019

By meeuhduh

Was in a rural town (reminds me now of Logan or Richmond ) There was a diner/bar 1 floor wooden chairs floor walls and tables almost cabin like feel. The son of the main farmer guy who was like a mayor and he owns the diner bar thing, he's this grungy pothead reminded me of an ex boyfriend was talking about blowing up a building in the little town the building he wanted to sabotage was of importance to the larger city the town was nearest to Somehow being around this dude I ended up in this apartment housing thing with these trashy white people reminded me of the white kids in Vegas I was talking to this dudes dealer who was also like an aunt of his or something. The lady had all these kids and the kids all had cats they weren't taking care of the whole situation made me annoyed. The lady was talking to a group of adults and I think the apartment mixed with the bar place. They were talking about their southern roots and they were defending their town from Jews I got nervous and realized they were all light haired and light eyed people I was the only short brunette with dark eyes I said something like "I come from gypsy's Muslims and Jews are you threatened by me being here?" I asked genuinely out of anxiety and they all scoffed and were like "No you're ok" and it made me more uneasy. I wanted to get out. I found the pothead kid and he told me he was now my boyfriend and we were going to sabotage that building I was worried about the kids and the cats being mistreated and not cared for but I left with him anyway. He had a group with him of maybe like 5 other duded all of a sudden and we were closer to the larger city they had bows and arrows they were shooting them at these cops but there were two kinds of cops both black uniforms but one kind had blue accents and the other had red accents and the ones who wore red were the Nazi types like the people in the little town and the ones who wore blue were nice but they just ignored everything they didn't do anything for either side. It gets really blurry but at some point the dude who just claimed me as his girlfriend gives me a baseball bat and he wanted to turn into the Joker from Batman and he wanted me to be Harley Quinn but I didn't want to be blonde and I didn't like he just claimed me like that and told me what to do. I remember thinking all of it was stupid and I hoped all sides just killed each other off the grungy "anarchist" types , the blue cops the red cops and their Nazi people. I felt so alone and it was with that feeling I woke up.