Dream about me visiting my foster mom

Date: 7/31/2017

By samthelamb

So I visited from US to China to see my foster mom I came to my China home. As I walked I started to remember this is my china home. I remember this payground we played. I remember the time you feed me in this kitchen room. I remember everything. Tears began to fill in my eyes. I started crying. This hit me to my heart. This is it. My childhood. I'm back. I felt this warm comfort. "I'm home." The weird thing is the home in real life wasn't the same as in the dream In the dream we had play tiles on the right side of the house and play ground on other streets. I was told that Chinese people think people who cries are pathetic and weak. It would make a terrible impression I thought. I saw her. I wipe my tears and controlled my breath. I tried to act calm in front of her. I said do you remember me. She said yes yes! We hugged. We talked for awhile but with very short sentence. She only speak a bit of English and Mandarin. But she has this very strong Cantonese accent. So it's hard to understand when I hear her speak mandarin. We both have language barriers. I tried to stay calm. I kept stare at her and wanted to her how much I really missed her. I want to just run fast as I can and hugged her all the way to my heart. Just to reach her warmth. But I want to keep my impression. It was hard to keep two face at once. I think she gave me a gift. Then I saw this little girl came in. I flash back when I was in the orphanage. I remember that little girl was her next foster child. I said. How's she doing. Her: great.... Silence*. we both looked down. Then all of sudden dad and his coworker came. We had dinner. I remembered she gave me this bag and to her next foster child. I smiled. My foster mom gave my dad's coworker this large fresh water melon that is 7ft long. [i don't know why that was included in the dream] -------------- As I dream I began to wake up. I woke up in a realization. I wish the dream could last longer. Please let me sink in my memory. I'm desperate to go there.