House parties

Date: 3/21/2017

By Megarnodavinci

I was at school with Bridie etc. She was sitting with josh hann. Kristina was sitting with Mimi so I sat at the back with josh phiddes. Then me and Bridie were along in class and there was this phedophile man who hadn't noticed the teacher in the room. There was a like a wall. So me and Bridie looked at the teacher, when he got round the wall and the phedophile looked at the teacher. And then walked off. Then I was on a long walk with Josh Phiddes, Ollie and Josh Hann. It was in a big green village place and I kept tripping or getting stabbed by shrouts in the ground. I remember it being fun and laughable. Then I arrived at this big house. I shut the gate and then suddenly I had like 3 dogs. And I went into this garden and there was a shed. There was also my mum. When I got there in the shed was friends and people I didn't recognise. But I said to my mum and them in general. "The dogs are walked, and tired. So they probably need 45 minutes to rest." My mum nodded and then hugged me. I hadn't really meant to hug her. Then around the corner of the house cam aaron and he walked up to me and held onto me really tightly. He was upset and shaky. I tried to soothe him and walk away. Saying things like. "Hey, Hey it's okay, it's okay. What's happened? Did anyone hurt you?" As we walked. He then got to his sliding glass door and he opened it. Then he said "it's just that I sprained my hip. Really. Really. Bad." In sniffles. I nodded and followed him inside. When I got inside I looked around the big house. I was in a big kitchen. I then said to him "hey I've finally got to see your new house." I remarked. Then aaron breathed a light hearted "yeah." And in my head I thought. This is my 4th time meeting him at his house. Then he started to go upstairs and I followed, the house was full of a few children and it was white white. But the blue stairs were rug and very tall, but they did curve onto a landing for his bedroom. On a shelf he walked over and picked up 2 baby black and white possums (with pink noses) in his hands. I instinctively went "Awh." He then said the possums were his little step sisters then walked in his bedroom. His bedroom wasn't too big. But he handed me the possums and then I was playing with them and they were climbing my hands. They were adorable. Though kinda stiff, like they had just woken up. Aaron was cheering up and he looked relaxed. The atmosphere was nice. Then me and Aaron went back outside, I think because we herd shouting. And what seemed like some of bridie's friends from snt aurbons. Her hair was like when she was at school with them. But they covered her in water and it was really funny. She was laughing too even though in shock. Then I think she was chasing aaron wet around the big house. I found it funny so I tried to snapchat it. But I missed it. And I only got a blurry 1 second shot. Then everyone likes turns up. And it's like Aaron's birthday or something. And I was looking for michael. But I couldn't find him. Then suddenly I wake up in a parking lot. And I'm confused. There's no people just a few off cars. Then I think I should phone mum or dad. I reach in my pocket but my phones not there. I walked dazed and then suddenly I herd a honking. An intimidating man is in a sort of kart. It looked scary though. And suddenly he started like driving real cars into me. But somehow my brain turned it into oranges. And then he tried again I turned it into a banana. He got angry and carried on shooting but I turned them into whatever I wanted. Then I woke up....yay.