Day 3

Date: 2/6/2017

By Mauricio

As always, a dark background, there was a tower... a tower, i already had dreams in this tower, in this tower i was with a friend trying to reach the first floor, but every time i got shot, i start again in the last floor, as i run by the stairs i saw a big theater in the building and i see a woman that i love, then suddenly i realized that i was dreaming and i run towards her and on my knees i told her that i need her (in this moments we aren't talking and we have a problem) so i kiss her and told her, let's meet and kiss me when we saw each other in reality, she told me to take her to a nice place in the dream, but i told her that i was about to wake up, i kiss her and i leave. As i run by the stairs again and now realizing that i was in the dream i just tele transport to the first floor and i saw many cops looking for me. I run and i felt that somebody grab me so i wished to wake up. Constants: The tower, the girl.