the blame game?

Date: 3/1/2017

By Eri2pear

Oh yeah the story. My sis reminded me to go to prayer today. But I didn't. So I had woken up. Listened to some stuff and watched a Ted talk or too then went to sleep. I dreamt a company I wanted to work for (okay I'm not sure I wanted to work for them but I was excited about the project.. as if it was person) gave up a project to work on a site which happened to be my dad's village compound.. but oba it was turning into a university. (It doesn't look like what I know it to look like. Thought near my dad's home compound there is in fact ucu at a walkable distance if I remember right from p.7 I didn't explore when I went there recently.) Anyway.. as dreams go they were bizarre. I don't know if the project was illustrated as the difficulty of getting to the site by walking to it from other location. Now I could tell though the walk that I had done the walk before and completed it successful but it was through remember imagery that was guiding me through this route The journey was like walking through slum areas in kla so every turn counts. It was going okay. I got to a place and oba there where two fridges. there was a sugar thing.. a honey bottle or sugar in a bottle. In one fridge So I was like this bottle belongs on this other fridge. Which I did changed, but someone oba passed by and commented that I was stealing or something.. so I was like how about I make it look like I wasn't here... so I put it back in the fridge it was in before. (I don't know what fridges are doing outside houses and why I think I know where things are supposed to be.) Anyway.. I continuing moving to site and because I stopped I had this overwhelming feeling I was not going to make it in time for the time I was supposed to be at site. By the time I got there its as if I had walked for years because the university was built and all.. and I had missed it. Also there where taxis along the journey that I kept flagging down but oba they didn't stop to take me. That's why I used the slum shortcut. Like some where empty.. they would reach me as if slowing down but oba as if.. we are not supposed to park here continue. I thought nothing of it because I had a backup plan but that delayed me... Anyway so I get to the site it's as ìf built but as if not. For some reason I feel like the boss has taking my ancestor land and turned it into oba public property without our permission. I got so mad. I was as if will the bouncers to just kill me. I mean why not I felt robbed. Like I never had the chance to get back in time and for some weird reason it was the boss' fault. Now I don't know if this boss is the same as the one giving the job because this one feels more like a mafia boss. Anyway. As if the building are metaphorical and the plans are not approved yet we get into a company van and rush to a printer / town council place to get work approved and its as if they havent picked whose p.j to run with. So this scene feels like the night before presentation day at school... not actually the morning where the list is up and they are telling us. Pin up is in 30 mins. So at the meeting people around a table start mentioning what why the boss should consider there project but the reason are personal like "I worked my butt off. " or " I was sick but I did what I could. " someone mentioned they had lost a parent during the project. And I was like the last to speak.. but I was like 3 people after. I stood and worked away.. it just hit me it was afternoon and I had not gone to pray for my dad and it was afternoon and I was in tears in the bathroom. I got back when the last person before me was speaking. When it was my turn to speak. My mouth couldn't move. It hurt to move my teeth literally. But my mind was working at a hundred km/s then I woke up.. but that whole time I was as if scheming. I was like "let me say this... or maybe that. But no, let me say it this way.. it's less desperate. . But no.. stick to what you had before. No.. you have heard what that guy said.. let's. .. " so yeah.. 100 ideas in one inhale... So here and there and nowhere at all..