Zombie Rat!

Date: 7/9/2017

By fluffytree

So I'm riding in a car out in the middle of nowheresville with my coworker Adrianna and ask her if she's ever seen the Walking Dead. I think she says no but I then go on to explain how it has zombie rats now where if you're bitten then you turn into a zombie. Not sure how I got this idea since in reality in the show's universe animals actually don't get infected. "I mean say we're driving just like now and a rat pops up inside the car? How do you avoid getting bitten?" "Simple, you just get out and start runnin'." She says in her sassy matter- of-fact tone. And then all this stuff immediately starts happening. A rat pops up in the car and it's infected with a zombie virus. It hisses at us and so I grab it and throw it out the window. Adrianna stops regardless and we get out to run away as fast as we can. I can't believe everything is playing out just like in my stupid hypothetical scenario. We're on a dirt road surrounded by super tall grass that might as well be a cornfield. I mean how much more stereotypical can this get? We run while the rat gains on us and it eventually jumps up and bites me unfortunately. I can't remember what happens at this point. My head starts feeling all hazy and just when I think I'm definitely becoming a zombie, I end up in a different scene. I'm in my kitchen now although it's slightly different in how it looks. My mom is feeding my baby nephew and Adrianna is here too. Although sometimes she'll suddenly become my sister only to change back into my coworker. I'm hungry so I see a slightly smashed bag of unopened popcorn I figure I'd put in the microwave until my mom asks if I want this or pancakes which Adrianna is getting ready to fix. Naturally of course I want the pancakes. They're the kind from a box that you microwave so I just take half of the stack Adrianna was gonna eat. "Figures you'd want some too." She says with a slight attitude. I feel kinda bad but hey I'm hungry. And then the zombie rat pops up again outta nowhere squeaking and hissing. It's in my hands again so I throw it to the ground. Everybody begins to run and the dream is clearly about to become a very similar scenario to the last. At this point I get woken up by my alarm.