Harry styles?!

Date: 8/17/2017

By parisleech13

So I was in the woods and it was really cool because there was parkour everywhere and it looked amazing. (I can't even climb a tree but for some reason I was great at this stuff) so I started at the start of the hill and they played a bunch of music and one song that came on was 'kiwi' by Harry styles and then I started to go. And I did really great and like half way through. I slipped and had to get down so they could examine me or something. Even though I was fine. Then Harry was there and I was like what? I was so confused. But then we just smirked at each other and got up and started to do parkour with each other. And it was really cool. And then it got to the end eventually and we were really out of breath. But we decided to do it all again. The end