princesses jobs and yoga

Date: 2/18/2017

By ivielee

I was at this hotel and it was a cool swimming pool with a wall and all these girls were dressed up like Disney characters and performing an underwater show and I wanted to film them but I didn't and I told them that they were really cool and one of them said thank you and that their schedule will be out soon so I can watch them again and I was walking through this mall place and Starbucks and looking for a job but nothing seemed too interesting to me and I followed them around the next day and they were in a parade for a little girls birthday party riding bikes past me in a huge crazy park and I followed them and this bigger girl was just doing yoga in the park so I wanted to ask her to take a picture of her then I saw a woman teaching a yoga class outside and they were standing on this grassy trampoline doing yoga and I told her I recognized her and she asked if I knew about something like a yoga term and I said no and that I'm just beginning and she gave me something to look up and I said I needed to start that