The Labyrinth in Bac de Roda OR the story of a friendship with a Catalan girl

Date: 7/4/2019

By rettiaj

I was going back to Barcelona by train and got off at Sant Adrià de Besòs metro station. It was evening and I was super hungry, so from there I intended to walk towards the area called Bac de Roda to find some Indian food. However, in order to go out of the train station, you had to cross a labyrinth of turnstiles which was divided in 8 sections, and to enter each section you needed your travel card. I didn’t have one, and just sneaked in after a girl and a guy who travelled together. As Catalans, they were first hostile to me and made sarcastic comments on my moneyless situation. But then, as they saw that I started jumping and climbing over the turnstiles so as not to bother them each time, they started treating me with respect. I finished the labyrinth much earlier than they did, because I was cheating, and just before the exit I found myself in front of a huge vending machine where u could buy all sorts of foods. I really wanted to buy some sausages, but I didn’t know if they were halal (and I didn’t have money anyways). I spent quite some time staring at the fridge, and at some point the Catalan girl joined me. I explained her I was hungry and she recommended me to go towards Bac de Roda, where I could surely find some delicious Catalan food. This time I was the one smiling sarcastically, but didn’t tell her my opinion about Catalan food. Suddenly, a crowd appeared and an officer from the metro started checking people’s tickets as they exited the labyrinth. At that point, the Catalan girl gave me her ticket to swipe for the both of us, and I acted with utmost nonchalance as I did it. With my great relief, the officer didn’t even look at us.