Emilie's Ghost

Date: 6/24/2019

By CinematicVision

I was staying in a different place, probably in a different country, and was using a room in a gorgeous house beside an ocean. I spent some time wandering around the home, which proved to be very large, and looking into every room and out all the windows. There was a glass sliding door that led outside to a river, which went into the ocean only a few yards down. The formation of the river had made a very smooth rock way from the door to the other side. One of the members of the family renting out the room, the teenage daughter of the owner, shared that she was paranoid about the rock way. She feared that she might see someone outside the door in the river. Or that she would walk out onto it and slip. Later that evening the girl, Emilie, who I had become friends with, showed me her collection of small stuffed bears. I thought nothing of it, you're never too old to have stuffed animals. But then she demonstrated how easy it was to remove the bear's heads from their shoulders ,"She likes to do this." I asked what she meant but didn't get an answer as Emilie casually changed the conversation to fashion. Nothing notable happened for the rest of the day so I went to bed. Waking up to get some water, I walked past a living room to see Emilie standing still and staring at the carpet. On the ground were several teddy bears, almost half of them with their heads removed. In the middle of the animals was a younger girl I didn't recognize sitting cross legged and looking up at Emilie. The girl grabbed another bear and pulled its head off. I didn't know how to react, or if reacting would be a good idea at all. The decapitator looked over at me and half waved, a teddy head in her hand. I gave a little wave of my own then went back to bed. The next day Emilie told me the weird girl from last night liked to show up at random times and give her hallucinations of past memories. The memories ranged from boring to terrifying, and they were usually twisted to try and upset her. No one else knew about the girl. I assumed she was a ghost. And according to TV, the most reliable resource, a ghost would leave if you talked to them about whatever trauma was keeping them from passing on. It couldn't hurt to try. The next time the ghost girl appeared I approached her, but before I could say anything the room around me began to spin into a blur. When everything refocused I was no longer at the ocean home, but at mine. I was standing in my little brother's room in front of his dresser. My step mother was calling to me from the living room. She had a couple of papers in her hand and she looked up from the couch at me, "The first one was pretty good, but I think 'Evermoores' needs to be redone." She handed me the papers. They were sheets of poetry, but nothing I'd written. "I didn't write these." "You're name is on them." I looked down at the poetry again, but the pages were blank. "No. There's nothing on these." When The sentence left my mouth, the room seemed to jump. Like, everything glitched for a moment then went back to normal. I looked down at the couch again but my step mother wasn't there anymore. Emilie said the hallucinations were supposed to be memories, and while I have shown poetry to my family, what just happened never happened. I walked through my house, bumping into my brother once, and then found the ghost girl next to the washing machine. But she was older, a young adult but still recognizable. She was holding a clothing iron and lifting it high up as if to show it off like a trophy. "Want to see?" "I can see it just fine already, thanks." She slightly frowned at my flat response and stretched her arm out toward me, wanting me to take the iron. It wasn't plugged in but I figured it would be hot anyway so I backed away from it. This made her a little upset and she walked towards me. I turned and ran out the door. She followed, and the design of my house let us run in circles. After circling around a few times I got frustrated and stopped running. The woman slowed down, "Why were your running?" "Why do you think?" She looked down at her iron, "Its not dangerous. Take it." "No. I don't trust that." Everything glitched again. When the glitching ended she was gone and I was in my in another one of my brother's rooms. The woman was standing in the doorway, her head down. She was intimidating now, giving off a threatening vibe. I back stepped further away from her and she lunged at me, arms outstretched, with an aggravated shout. I didn't react fast enough and her hands were on my throat before I could move away. She pressed me into the side of my brother's crib, he wasn't in it, and continued to try and strangle me. I got my own hands around her neck but she was taller than me so it was an awkward thing to do. We were both screaming incoherently at one another hoping the other would pass out first. Despite what was happening I didn't find it scary at all. It was like a scene in an action movie. I pushed myself off the crib and brought us both to the ground. She let go when we fell and I got up and ran after angrily shouting for a moment. The dream got really hazy after that and only came in short bursts. Running. Lights. "No". Going through worse situations. In the end Emilie and I approached the supernatural girl together. She looked at us on the verge of tears. Then I woke up.