A con, a fight, and the adventures of poorly dyed hair

Date: 2/23/2017

By Mephistopheless

mostly what comes to my memory is being in a con-like setting, like comicon kind of. and so I'm just blatantly standing in the middle of this place with bleach in my hair, waiting for someone to come rinse it out for me (apparently I can't do it myself *I'm a lazy fuck* ) so then my friend helped me along. I slapped some red manic panic in there (why red? no clue, why manic panic? also no clue) and then they rinsed that out and it turned an awful orangey pink color. maybe I didn't leave it in long enough?? anyways after that I was at that girls house (previously stated in the dream before) and her ex was there, Tucker. He's a hot little piece. 6'4, 140 pounds of mostly muscle, wavy blond hair. > me, being the faggot I am, asked if I could caress the gap between his hips and ribs. (that's my favorite part of anyone's body) so the GIRL, stepped around the corner and told me "no" like I was some irrant child. So, by carefully going to demonstrate what I meant, I grabbed her hair....and..proceeded to mash her face like a bowl of mashed potatoes! 💪😏