Into Hell

Date: 5/3/2017

By AshWednesday

I was walking down a damp empty road with my father and a strange man whose face i could not see. We began walking past a still body of water when I told my father that something is in the water and if he didn't believe me he should go look. He walked into the water and when he was shoulder deep something pulled him down beneath the surface. I immediately dove into the water after my father and saw him being dragged into hell. I saw the flames of hell fire and a demonic creature taking hold of my fathers legs as it dragged him down the depths. My father was struggling but could not break free from the hellish embrace. I grabbed my fathers waist and pulled him to the surface of the water and woke up. I was no longer wet and my dad and I were now in a store located in Disney world. We were shopping for a music box, but something seemed off and that was when I realised I was still dreaming. When I noticed this everything went black and I woke up in the reality I am now writing this dream in. But is this real?