Joker stalking me

Date: 2/24/2017

By sana

I am standing inside my house near safety door.its new year and i am looking out i can see a man wearing joker dress trying to gain attention of a man who is driving van...the mans comes out angrily and try to beat the joker The joker is running and he comes near my place ..he insisted me to open the door ..i started to cry because i feel that joker is scary .i started to cry so bad that everyone os surronding my house door .i think joker gets into a fight. after that incident i am totally scared ..i dont go anywhere alone .bt i want to b strong so once i am going alone...i saw that joker is stalking at me everywhere i go ...i feel my heart beat fast .no matter where i go ,he is standing in a dark corner smiling at me as if he will pounce at me anythime he gets chance.