I fell in love

Date: 5/20/2019

By Biancajules

I had a dream last night from this date and it was very weird. I saw a boy and he was really cute. There was many different sections to this dream but I’ll just talk about the boy I saw. So I was in a room with all boys in some kind of uniform for like the military or police. Something like that. The boy was sitting next to me and a man in uniform who was in charge was yelling about something. Can’t remember if he was yelling at me or everyone. Anyways the boy next to then started to talk. I think he was talking about how I the reason the the man in charge was yelling. All I could think about while he was talking was how annoying he always and how he needs to shut up. But then I was starring at him and really examining his face. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, pink lips. I think he has a mustache and beard. Just a small one. And I started to realize how beautiful he was. Then my heart started beating fast. He then became aware I was staring and starting calling my name. Then I woke up. When I first woke up I could kind of see his face but as I woke up more I can quite picture what he looks like any more.