lucid dreams

Date: 1/22/2017

By Tjika

3 lucid dreams I once had: This is a dream I had as a little kid. I was standing in our garden and thought "hey this is a dream" so I decided to try to fly. Usually I fly really high, or as high as I want (I tried to see my limit once in another dream and I got so high the buildings below me looked tiny. I got afraid of it though, because I wasn't sure for how long I could control it so I came down again), but in this dream I could only fly about an arm length of the ground. It was frustrating. in another lucid dream I was on a campsite in our tent and I knew it was a dream. I wanted to do something else than flying, because I do that everytime I have a lucid dream, so I wanted to play with a friend in this one. I did fly a little, but then we were just playing games in the forest for a while. After playing for some time I woke up. Some other time I dreamed I was in my parents room when I knew it was a nightmare. I knew that every scary thing I would think of would appear (this actually happened before in similar nightmares) so I had to get out as soon as possible. I tried thinking of being in my parents room in real life which often wakes me up, but it didn't work. I jumped of the stairs, but that didn't work either. Then I realised I wasn't in my parents room, but in my own in real life, so I should imagine being there instead. That go finally did the trick and I woke up.