Zombie Apocalypse, one of many (Old dream) (2016.07.08)

Date: 2/16/2017

By richilye

I was inside a house in the city. I was going to leave, then i saw people running and zombies coming. I waited until they are gone, then i left, and there was one zombie left. I got a car but didnt had time to open it, the zombie saw me and grabbed a broken mirror to stab me, i started running around the block like an idiot hoping to attract the zombie away from the car. The 3rd time i was going around i saw a guy with a gun, and he was waiting for his fam,. I told him i had a car and the zombie blocking my way. His family arrived in a big car, we went down the block and the zombie was driving my car. The guy stood near the car n the zombie left it, then he shot the zombie. Before i could enter my car, the guy said "Go with my family, i will take the car and drive to a military base". His fam drove me to my home. I got there n the front door wasnt closing, they i slammed it and someone shouted really loud "stop making noise, u're going to attract the zombies", then i was like "I bet ur shout havent attracted a horde", then my front door became a double front door, then my dog showed up and i set it on fire with my fire magic (which one i just found that i have), i put the fire off the dog, then he saw the carpet on fire and jumped into it, it was acting normally, but on fire, then i put the fire off the dog and the carpet and managed to close and lock my double front door. I wnet to my room to use my comp, then my mom said "have u brushed ur teeth? Dont forget that u have dentist in half a hour" and i was like "oh, i bet my dentist was the only one who hasnt become a zombie, while everyone else has".... END