Valentine's Day feat. Spiders, Perverts, and Power Ranger Villain Costumes

Date: 2/20/2017

By Fitful

I was at a high school getting ready for a Valentines Day festival. I was part of a committee. I had help, my best friend she was on the committee too. We donated clothes. We ran the whole thing. I was helping this woman who was treated like a leper because she came from the woods. She was taking a shower and she was really happy to be clean. She said the Spiders she had, which is why everyone treated her poorly, weren't actually catching it was just her working outside in the trees which made her catch them. I took a warm, well hot, bath after she left and she was right. All the spiders in the bathroom disappeared because they couldn't touch me. Some blonde guy showed up in my bath and was chatting with me. I'm not sure why. He blushed at my lady bits, especially when I stood up, and I felt like I didn't understand why. Like I didn't know there was something to be embarrassed about. Just like a child wouldn't understand. I did wonder why he was taking a bath while I was. It didn't make sense. Someone out the window of the bathroom nodded suggestively but I had raised my arm and my boob was seen by this person out the window. I thought it odd a window that big was in a bathroom. It took up the whole wall almost. And finally Valentines Day came. My best friend wore pink and pink all that week, two shades. I was still in pajamas which were black but so worn they looked blue, and were sweats and shapeless. I went home to change but got caught up in a garage sale. They guy was handing stuff off to other people, but there was still stuff left tin his garage. Boxes. Before he got into his car I asked him if he was selling this sewing machine, it was in a box I just barely saw it. He said yeah I could just take it. So I pulled it out and then we went in his house for some reason. It became a dollhouse and he was an avid dollhouse maker. Mine was plastic the one he let me have, and all of his were wooden. I talked about buying furniture. He kept talking about making me some. I didn't really need that, it would be a fun project with my daughter to make dolls and furniture. He insisted, then he got worried the furniture he gave me would break in the moving. I tried to dismiss it but he the decided to put it in a separate box. I got the impression he was genuinely put out by all this extra but he kept insisting so I politely accepted. Then his friend came to the door and made fun of the fact I was a baker. They both did. I felt it was so offensive I left and didn't even take the dollhouse. I went back to the school and they were having the meeting just before the nights festivities. I ran home very fast and got my clothes and was back in minutes to lay them in my seat, then said I'd be right back while I changed. I had brought a lot of my clothes from home, just took a whole section of my closet and brought it because I didn't know what I was going to wear. Some people ooo'd and a we'd over my clothes, they were very nice. And some thought it's what I had brought for donation. I was quick to correct them. I ended up changing into a monster for Valentine's Day. As if it was suddenly Halloween. Magic was used, and I became big red Power Ranger Villain monster, kinda similar to Venom from Spiderman. It changed my best friend too. She became a yellow and green version. Meat made us grow taller than a human, we stood like 13 feet and had man muscles and had these huge parana teeth the size of a human head. It was the meat which changed us maybe? Anyway everyone loved our costumes and we spent the night in the school's radio booth. I was on air singing. I sang songs that all started with L first. Or were about L. Then I changed, got confident, and started singing songs in my repertoire. But it came out in a conversational voice and then I forgot the lyrics. I woke up realizing I forgot the lyrics because I was asleep, when I woke up I remembered them perfectly. My best friend kept smoking cigarettes and tossing them on the couch without putting them out. I was upset because there were brick walls everywhere and she could just put them out that way. It was a fire hazard to have lit cigarette butts just lying around.