Haunted Airport

Date: 3/19/2017

By Peachiie

The dream begins with me hanging out with my friends, Betty and Brianna. However, there must have been 5 other people around our age that I have never seen or talked to before. I believe that I got the idea of their personalities or faces when reading the book "Milk Weed". We were asleep, and I was sleeping with a woman I didn't know but I called her grandma a long with all of the other kids. I awoken before grandma and was scrolling on my phone and came along a lewd photo of a woman. Before I could swipe away, I felt a hand on my breast and grandma whispered "Do you like that?" I started to cry hysterically and quickly ran out of the room. The next day, I tried to tell my dad but he was far too busy. So, me and seven other kids ran away. We ended up at a cafè that I have never seen before. I've never been to a cafè, so I'm guessing my mind made up what I believe they look like. We were all laughing until this boy with blonde hair started to be a total asshole. I picked him up off the bench we were all sitting on and started to punch him. I will admit, I missed a few and many of them were weak. He didnt fight back until I said "What's the matter? Can't hit girls?" Then, I felt a punch on my face and back. By this time, I beat him to a pulp and he looked like a pancake against the glass of the cafè door. (I'm still not sure if I killed him, but after this he didn't appear again.) After the fight, we ended up at the airport where we started to talk about scary stories. Brianna then said, "Over there is where I killed someone!" And instead of thinking it weird, we all just laughed and agreed. A flight attendant came up to us and told us about the woman Brianna killed. We had a minute or so to get out before being cursed. I remember running but forgetting the binder that has all my homework in it. I screamed at them "CAN YOU GET MY BINDER?!" They just ran pass me with all their stuff. I ran back and saw Brianna coming back too, she forgot her binders as well. As we were running, someone yelled to us "7 MORE SECONDS!" And and we made it into the van and sped away. We all got to a small, worn down, wooden house in the middle of no where. When we entered, I somehow knew what was next. It felt like a trailer to a bad movie. An Asian woman greeted us and acted responsible when the parents were there. My dream ended here, but I can't shake this feeling that after the parents left the Asian lady smiled and said "Who's ready to have fun?!"