Visiting From Out of Town

Date: 5/8/2019

By meeuhduh

Visiting A. from out of town. Parked my car at a 7-11 for a few hours. Was going to leave but A. told me I should pay for parking so I go inside and ask for a parking validation and he says I've been parked there for 4 days and won't give me back my debit card until the payment processes. I call the police and they weren't doing anything so I made my side of the conversation sound like they were on their way to the store people. They have me back my card and I was going to call my bank to stop any transaction but then another dream started where I got my car stolen turns out it was the 7-11 owner and they were going to part out my car so I borrowed/stole temporarily some random chicks car which looked like a black VW Rabbit from back in the day so I thought it was cool. Dream trailed off into nonsense there a was litter of puppies a coworker helped deliver and I got to keep one (black) but a 2nd puppy (light pink) tagged along. There were blue puppies and I wanted one of them. An Asian family that let me come into their home and they fed me while I was looking for my car. Eventually find my car and some parts were missing...