Hotel Full of People New and Old

Date: 5/24/2017

By seascarlet

I was staying in a hotel for some reason, part of a trip of some sort I was on with other people. We were having Thanksgiving dinner in the hotel's cafeteria, which looked just like a school cafeteria. I wasn't very hungry even though I needed to eat. I tried to pick out things I could stomach, enough to make it feel like Thanksgiving. At some point I left with a few people, and when we got back the cafeteria doors were closed and locked. None of us had gotten a chance to eat and we wanted our Thanksgiving dinners, so we broke in. Our food had been thrown away though. There was still a bit out, some of it partially eaten, so we scavenged what we could. Then I was in a room with a few people, one of whom is a coworker irl. A redhead with a lively personality. She kept teasing everyone and to pick on me she kept calling me "What's-her-face". I was trying to think of something to say back that would be suitably mean but not offensive. I always struggle with that sort of banter irl for the same reason. Then it was the middle of the night and I was hoping the hotel pool was open. I had a bathing suit and some underwear in my hand. The pool looked dark through the glass door, but I really wanted to swim. I opened it, and suddenly it came to life with people, including my group of friends from 8th grade. I wanted to go over to them, but I needed to change. I looked down and realized the underwear I'd brought to wear with my bathing suit were huge and red, satin and lace, and would definitely show through my bathing suit. I spent a good deal of time trying to remember if I even normally wore underwear with a bathing suit. Then I had to figure out how to change right there without anyone noticing me naked. I called my sister and asked if she wanted to come swim, but she said she couldn't because she wasn't a guest. At some point I approached my old group of friends, looking and acting much like they did in middle school. They were mad at me though, because I had stopped talking to them. I tried explaining that I had a nervous breakdown and had to be home schooled. (This never happened irl.) They said I should have still called them and kept in touch. I said I wished Barret were here, he would understand (our other friend who killed himself irl).