White Mask

Date: 9/28/2019

By waltermack

Woke up inside the dream multiple times, not fully in control. First one I remember is being on a motorcycle in Merced. I was driving right near the first house on Matthias Way. If was near that empty plot of grass/weeds and looked the way it did back then, without all the new houses and construction. There was a woman behind me. We were laughing (which scared me very briefly because the laugh was loud and sudden) about something but going very fast. I recognized I was dreaming at some point but it went on for a little while longer before I woke up. Not sure if I really woke up and fell asleep again, but I remember "waking up" multiple times in a very dark room. I tried things like moving my hand and it felt very sluggish but thought I was just tired (thinking back I was probably still dreaming, since this was the same room). Realized I wasn't really in my actual room while laying in bed. This is new, these things usually happen in what is more or less my room. This one felt infinite/void-like and like I was facing the wrong direction. I remember I tried hard to remember what my real room looked like and struggled. When I finally did, my dream kinda ended and sleep paralysis happened as it often does when I realize I'm dreaming. Usual earthquake-like sensation and I kept my eyes closed for a bit. This time I chose to open them to see what I'd see but I instantly regret it as a feel a wave of dread wash over me. I can't seem to re-close them and I see a White featureless mask (no eyeholes) that got closer and closer. It didn't seem to be attached to a body, as it kind of span/rotated it's way toward me. Felt anxious, but could have seen worse. I hear a woman talking to my right. It sounds familiar but right now I can't place who it is. Maybe the woman from the motorcycle portion of the dream? I'm not sure who she's talking to but it's slightly loud (not yelling) and not directed at me from what I can tell. Then I hear screaming, as if in pain. This is when I start screaming, maybe out of panic. Every time this happens, I can't stop screaming if I start. I hear very loud chainsaw noises that picks up in volume as it gets closer to my right ear and then I can feel it. Not pain, but the grinding/noise of it pressing against my ear. I wake up with my blankets off to the side, but in the dream/hallucinations, it was covering my face (this is also a common reoccurrence) as if I were hiding under them although I never go to sleep that way.