Pizzeria, classmate, worm 🐛

Date: 1/4/2022

By Purple

In my dream, I was sitting at a table in a pizzeria, back home in the Bronx. It wasn’t any particular pizzeria specifically, but a typical New York City pizzeria one would find in the Bronx. I looked over at another table nearby, and recognized my classmate from a long time ago, Charles. I smiled and waved at him. Then I got up to join him and sat opposite from him at his table. We were talking and enjoying each other‘s company, when a worm was making its it’s way down on a thin piece of silk that it was creating. It looked dirty. It looks like it came from the dirt because it was a combination of brown and green. It came closer and closer to me. I was more fascinated than grossed out. It briefly touched me on the nose. I was amused by it, but Charles was clearly grossed out by it. When I looked back at the worm, it changed into almost a cartoon character. It was larger and had purple and blue instead of brown on the exterior. And because it was larger, I got to see the reactions. It almost seemed like the worm was tickled by touching me! It was as if I was reading its memory and feelings. That’s all I remember of the dream.