Spending time with a girl from school in a weird Game thing- February 24, 2019

Date: 2/24/2019

By Ainsley_dreamz

In this dream I had to hang out with this girl from School named Lily. In real life, me and Lily get compared to each other a lot and we don't really ever hang out. But in the dream we had to work together to do some sort of mission thing because we were in some sort of video game together. It was weird to work with her because it seemed like we had this built of jealousy and resentment of each other for some reason and you could feel tension between us. We only said really nice things to each other though because we're both nice people. So it was weird to be smiling and pretending to be having fun but feeling that tension there. We basically just completed some quests in a mythological place and I think we might have even started to have some fun. The dream wasn't very long but it was weird that Lily was in it and that we seemed so angry towards each other.