Visiting my parents and being a kid with my soulmate.

Date: 7/21/2017

By awalker406

I was driving a truck to visit my parents new place in reading, I had no idea why they moved there. I arrived out a small worn out house, that looked to be in a dodgy area. My parents greeted me with warm welcoming open arms before heading inside. I sat in a tight space living room, scanning the room to only find all their memories and moments together hanging on the walls with stacked up photo albums. I didn't understand why they moved here? I asked my dad why but he said nothing but the look of sadness glaze upon his face. I felt so sad and didn't know what to do. Next scene: Amanda and I were playing hide and seek, in a field as kids. "Found you!" I said with excitement. "Let's go to the treehouse. Last one there, has to wear lipstick!" She said. Off we run, as fast as we both can but she beats me to the treehouse. "Damn it!" I said. Amanda is laughing her head off with the lipstick ready to put on me. "I don't want to have girlie stuff on my face." I said with a grumpy tone. "You know the rules!" She replied. I gave in and let her have her satisfaction on me. It began to rain outside. I grab Amanda's hand in haste and went outside. We dance and jump around in the mud before having a mud fight. We were wet thru with mud all over us and in our hair, we didn't care but laugh. We went back to the treehouse and we were all dry and clean. It was still raining outside. There was a red old style telephone with the circle dial, in the middle of the room. We both sat opposite sides, looking at each other while waited for the phone to ring. "You want to ask me something" she said. Suddenly the phone rang. She answers the phone, while I stay in silence feeling confused about what was going on. She puts the phone down with a smile on her face, looking down and away, being shy, before suddenly she springs at me with open arms and wraps herself around me. We kissed each other. So much joy and happiness with have together.