"I know I'm acting like a two year old, but I don't give a shit"

Date: 6/24/2017

By TwentieToo

So the first dream I had my gma lived in this trailer and had these giant pet spiders that followed her around. Me and my friend lived with her for a bit. At one point my friend went around back to smoke weed and I caught her but then started smoking with her. The second dream I had, I've had a couple times I think. It was this village. And I built this giant house, like Minecraft except nothing was blocky, I showed my family around and stuff. Then I was walking around the village with my friend and I asked her if we could go to the graveyard cafe and we went. There was this super muscular guy there and him and my friend made out. Then the third dream I had was me and my sisters giving presents to our dad for Father's Day. Me and my sister Molly gave him one present each. Sophie gave him like five. I got upset because Sophie had more presents. I floated away to the dinner table and said to myself, "I know I'm acting like a two year old but I don't give a shit" and then lied down on the floor.