Packing stress

Date: 3/5/2019

By bregs

So last week i went to Florida with my grandfather and next month I’m going back with my mom. My dream: I got back form Florida with my grandfather and i fell asleep in my bed. My mom woke me up super early the next morning while it was still dark out to leave for the airport but i unpacked my suitcase from my earlier trip and then i started to stress about not being packed. I was having a mental break down in front of my sister while trying to run around and find clothes. For some reason i couldn’t find any of my clothes anywhere which made me more stressed. Then i went into my living room while we waited for someone to pick us up to bring us to the airport. But i still did not have my suitcase packed. So when the person came to get us i ran to get my suitcase and grabbed a few things i saw and started to leave. But i went back to get more things and they ended up leaving without me