MallMart And The Quest For "The Book"

Date: 7/23/2017

By drunchee

I'm at a mix of a mall, and a Walmart, with Garrett and Josh. There's this one section that's all books. I'm torn between getting two Adventure Time Comics, one where Finn is made out of kitchen appliances the entire time, even though it's a huge comic (he was, like, cursed or something. PB Jake Marceline and Ice King were also turned into appliances), and another that's shorter. But I also wanna get this big book about fairy tales and mythology. It's a red leather book, the same one from my dream "the Annual SJCC-Games". This is odd because in that dream I also debated on wether or not to get the fantasy book or something else I wanted more. I end up getting only one book that I "accidently" tucked into my clothes. I get sidetracked and leave the book area to see some sweatshirts. All the hoodies and bathrobes have this cartoon woman's face on it. I didn't get the reference but I guess she's a pop culture icon. Later on we're at a restaurant, and my mom sees that I got the book without paying for it. But she doesn't care. I end up telling Josh to go back and get the book I actually wanted, and realize way later while hanging with G that I never said WHAT book I wanted. Eventually while waiting with Garrett in this room that reminds me of my old gradeschool restroom, all of these half drunk SJCC highschoolers funnel through the door, obviously back from a party. I recall seeing Benton Snyder throw up in a trash can and be a little jealous, but mostly I just wanted my comic book.