Insane party, star wars, flying 2nd lucid dream

Date: 1/25/2017

By Devincolbert

I had my second lucid dream! The night started out crazy, i was at a Halloween/college party and everyone was going hard on drugs. It was in a mansion and I saw an ex gf there who was dating a chick in my dream. She was flirty so I tried to have a threesome with them but it wasn't happening. A random asian chick started passionately grinding on me and everyone started cheering us on. I remember looking out a window and seeing people dressed as star wars characters driving exotic cars but none of them had doors. I don't even care about star wars in real life so this was odd. Eventually the parents came home and everyone at the party literally disappeared except for a few of us, so they called the cops and we ran. When we got outside it was bright and sunny and that's when i realised i was dreaming. The party happened in the middle of the night so the sun freaked me out. I did my reality check looked directly at my feet and started to spin to make sure i didn't lose lucidity. I immediately tried to fly and while i was in the air i changed the scenery to a huge calm lake with dark blue water. Flying wasnt easy this time so i landed in the water. There were a bunch of turtles swimming around me. I started losing my lucidity so i swam to land and remember feeling afraid of a shark getting me. The lucid part only lasted a few minutes as i drifted into another dream. Definitely one of the best dreams I've had in years that party was lit and lasted for at least 15 dream minutes!