Unable to run, even with my backpack

Date: 7/2/2017

By ultraweaklisk

I was on my way from my parents house to the city center. It was about 30 minutes by foot. After 10 minutes I got bored, and, being confident about my physical condition and stamina, decided to run the rest of the way. I tried, but I couldn't run no matter how hard I tried. I leaned forward as hard as I could but I was going forward only as fast as walking speed. I needed something to allow me to lean forward more. My backpack! It was my big, grey/black waterproof triathlete/wetsuit backpack. It was pretty heavy. I moved it from my back to my chest. And... It didn't help at all. One of the structures along the way was a viaduct carrying a railroad. The inner wall next to the sidewalk was beautifully tiled.