Date: 2/15/2017

By DiiSaaan

Weird Calvin up in the woods type deal everyone acting weird when we get there! I Believe we started out side just arriving and decide something weird had happened so we deceived to go find the parent which were the people in the showers. But someone tried stopping us! Maybe me? I think a third person... We are all old people me and one guy try to find the others. They are all in a zombie like trance in their showers! When we woke them up they seemed to suffer pain and then die! Turns out they died in some alternate false dream the lady died but the man went crazy throwing up everywhere. After so we all went down stair and the 3 of us told one character and we also appeared younger! I believe it was me and chris who went here! Either way it appeared that the one guy threw up on us on purpose to get us sick ( I remember he was about to throw up and I was like nope and tried to run but he like a robot turned and tried to project it onto me! I think it might have turned into Dane. The dream I had before this one was about these weird hanging coasters I'd created for children! As I was riding it , the little kid next to me asked if we were safe. and for some reason as one was letting me off I rode down and decided to get in this mans live camera tv show, he wasn't happy about it and tried to keep me off! Then first dream happened next! But before this one I was at some house maybe Chris's and I talked to his mom and she gave me a card with her info on it! I tried speaking to her in Spanish. We were getting along. She ended up telling me that we could go do something after twelve because that's when it was due! I think this was the alternate dream that woke up into the first dream now that I think about it!