Never closer to death.

Date: 8/8/2017

By Fitful

The dream comes in on the most crucial part, or at least what I remember. I was being checked out by a male teacher? Doctor? Expert in his field? We were just making sure, it was cursory. But he told me, while candy was spilling on the floor (it also seemed synonymous with black oil stuff which also spilled, as if two timelines saw the same spill) that I was never closer to suicide. That out of everyone he had seen no one had been as close as I was to killing myself. Hmm, I'm not sure the message was orally delivered, I think the oil spilling/ candy spilling/something tearing was the message. Either way he took my Aunt up privately to the rooms upstairs and they began making out. Me and my sister were left downstairs, she protested the sound of the door closed. Then she( my sister) began to pester me to stop being mean about the pet in her toy box. It turned out there really as one, I had never believed her, and it was either a praying mantis or a scorpion. I wasn't sure which because it didn't look like one or the other, but kinda both, and she wouldn't let me close enough to it. She kept wanting to pet it.