murderer grandparents

Date: 6/7/2017

By headFeed

Basically we had received news that my grandfather was a murderer before he passed away, after my grandma passes shes a murderer and cannibal. im at the dining room and were about to go somewhere and my mom seems very distressed and said he received news that they found the bodies of 13 children under one of the houses she lived in. were all extremely disturbed. i said that this explains why she moved constantly. we sit downfor dinner which is just soup and a huge bowl of rice. my dad says "nothing" and i feel extremely angry. i yell at my brother for almost touching his spoon and my spoon together. my dad says im really moody its that time of month huh and i just go off on him. i was at a rage that i never would go to irl (this was a dream after a friend of mine yelled angrily at another on call which might explain it.) at some point im showing my brother a big art book i got with very spooky art, it looks like it was a print scratched into wood, with weird creatures and it was pretty gloomy. this was after trying not to show him this bright pink furry site i was looking at on my ipod. i also had a dream about overwatch and it was an actual payload game, like that was it nothing special we just played?? i was reinhardt, sym, and at the end i was junkrat but i could switch to mercys pistol??