Date: 3/10/2019

By JillMagdalene

I was going over to babysit kids there were five or six of them they were funny they were fun and I was under the influence of marijuana and the mother was asking me why I was encouraging the kids to enjoy marijuana she knew that I am God's chosen with the starry crown and she was trying to get me to say because I'm God but instead I was defensive and I was hurt that she was questioning my babysitting and my love of the children. she asked me if i knew what day it is. i said "the 14th" she said its the 17th. she or the children had found my wallet with a joint in it and instead I left my car was on the street and it was blocking the neighbor's driveway they were moving items and I was in a way it was legally parked but because it was parked there it was difficult for them to move things I left and I was upset