injured dog and sinking ship

Date: 7/21/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was in a strange ship with a lot of giant cargo boxes on it., those colored metal ones that they use to ship things to other countries. The ship was sinking so the cargo boxes were sliding down to the other end of it. I was at the top inside a big cargo box with a lot of rich people in it. They were playing a game of musical chairs. Whoever couldnt find a seat was forced to be thrown off the cargo box and down at the bottom of the boat where it was sinking. I wasn't participating, only watching. I saw a little girl thrown off the box in a smaller box and for some reason in jumped in after her. We fell all the way to the bottom and i could see dozenz of cargo boxes sliding down too. I was terrified that the water would swallow us up so i got out and tried to climb the ship. The little girl screamed at me to get back inside the box because the cargo boxes were falling from above and they were going to squish me. I looked up and saw them stacked at the sides of the ship and she was right, they were wobbly and looked like they would fall. The girl said it was better to die inside the box and drown in it rather than being squished by a giant box. I still kept on trying to climb and then the scene shifted. I was in the top of the boat again and it wasn't sinking anymore. However it was divided into classes. I was at the very top where the rich class was and my friend had fallen down into the poor class where it was dangerous and full of criminals. I tried to help her up and found a stairway so she could get back up. But i was a bit scared of some poor class people who could come and kill me. But instead of her coming up it was my dog lucy. She was dirty and skinny and was losing her front two legs. I felt so sad for her and angry and knew that she was hungry so i gave her my half eaten orange to eat. She ate it happily and i looked around the whole ship to look for other foods she could eat. There was no dog food because in the dream dog food was extinct and there was limited human food. The dream ended with me looking for some crackers to give to her.