On Fire, Revenge on a Bully

Date: 8/9/2017

By randybobandy

I was leaving work to go to school and had trouble getting out of the parking lot for some reason. I ended up slamming into like five different parked cars but I drove away without telling anyone. Halfway to school and I start seeing smoke in the rearview mirror. I realize there's fire somewhere from my multiple accidents. When I got to school I realized part of my hair was on fire. I was running around looking for a body of water to jump in and instead I saw a guy from my high school who bullied me. He didn't seem to recognize me. He's really hot though so I asked him for help. We went to his dorm and he put the fire out and helped me fix it. But then he kissed me which I didn't expect but I was like 'ok' I thanked him and as I was leaving I was like "Do you know who I am?" and he was like "no?" and I said "Im ******* from high school. You bullied me and now you think I'm hot!!!" and he was humiliated