Mystery in my house

Date: 7/2/2017

By monkey_17

So for some reason I was walking around my house and inspecting it. Well, while I was inspecting I found this hidden door. I pushed it open and there were a bunch of steps, so obviously I climbed them until I reached the second level. At the second level there was another door but it was locked so I had to look around the room for a key before I could continue to the third level of the house. The third level had yet another door and this one was locked too but I just had to input four numbers so I tried my birthday it magically opened. So I climbed the last set of stairs up to this hidden attic. The room was filled with money, guns, and these weird looking coins. I started reaching down to pick up one of the weird looking coins when a guy grabbed me from behind and carried me out of the room. We went all of the way down to where the dream started and then the guy put me down. I turned around as if I was going to fight him, and the man morphed into my dad. Then he told me not to follow the steps ever again. After that I woke up.