Flying All by Myself to Meet with my Rich Uncle and Aunt

Date: 5/3/2018

By HeyItsShelbyyy

In this dream, I had just found out I had an aunt and uncle who were veryyy rich, and they either lived across the country or in another country. For some reason, I was supposed to go and travel there, and stay there with them for awhile. Only me. Weird. Anyway, my dad insisted that I travel there on my own, even though I’m freaking 13. I was dropped off at the airport by my dad, who simply told me I ‘needed to get on the red plane’. I somehow got on that plane and flew to another airport, got on another plane there, and made my way to my rich aunt and uncle. I remember the whole experience was terrifying, and I don’t know why the fuck my parents wanted me to go on my own.