Stuck in a Loop

Date: 6/10/2017

By Elora28

we had a hide out, and these guys were shooting at us. at one point a bullet went through the wall and shot through my stomach. it hurt like hell, but i ignored it and charged straight at the shooters. bullets smashed through my shoulders, legs, arms, and chest, until i could no longer move because of the pain. i closed my eyes and gave up, just to open them and find that the situation had begun again. it was like i had never died. each time i was shot repeatedly or through the brain or heart, i would die and the dream would start again. it was an endless loop. at one point, i just took off running in the other direction, just to be struck by an eerie fog, and end up back where i started. finally, i said WAIT! and everyone paused. i ran up to the terrorist, grabbed a gun, stuck it in my mouth, and pulled the trigger. that time i woke up in the real world.