1st dream I remember enough to log ended as a sweaty nightmare.

Date: 4/15/2017

By Atlas963

It started with my childhood home. I was across the street in some wooded area with my red truck that I only recently came to own but belonged to my now late grandfather when I lived at the house in question. I was watching traffic go by and I stripped for dream logic reasons right next to the road. I sorta hid behind my truck and started putting on women's clothes (I've crossed dresses awake before but it was in a fit of severe depression usually). My older brothers pulled up and I tried to hide, because I kinda hate them and they are conservative extremists) and failed. The oldest I get along with slightly better when I'm awake so we kinda joked and moves past my clothes and headed towards the house that I haven't actually seen in going on 15 years. I haven't seen my immature brothers in like 3. For some reason my wife was in the car with them and this upset me because they are assholes and ruin things I love for fun. But I didn't say anything about it until we were inside the empty (but not?) house. I expressed irritation with my brothers and they left me with my wife. I asked why she had been with them. She got angry and said that she can do whatever the fuck she wants and why am I even asking. I responded with you know how I feel about them I'd rather you didn't be around them. And she proceeded to mock my lack of self confidence that makes me worry she'll loose interest in me and leave me (which wasn't exactly my reasoning for not wanting her around my brothers but thanks for salting my trust issue wounds). I said they are bad influences on anyone, especially her because she is impulsive and often rash or selfish with those impulses and she as a real person knows this and loves me enough to consider my feelings most of the time. But in the dream she blatantly talked about she was leaving because I voiced this concern and she was going to sleep with them just to hurt me and she often looked up porn of old men like my father and regretted marrying me. This upset me so badly I just woke up with a cold pain in my heart and I was drenched in sweat. It is getting hot outside though, so the nightmare could have just been my brain trying to get the blankets off of me. I'm cuddling my still unconscious wife now to make that pain in my heart go away. Cause I know it was a dream.